Top 5 differences between ASO and Mobile App Marketing

App store optimization: Definition

In the world of digital marketing, ASO is an integral part and it is a new concept. It is a process that improves the overall visibility of the app in the Apps Store. ASO is similar t the concept of SEO. SEO is applicable for websites and on the other hand, ASO is for mobile apps.

Mobile app marketing: Definition

Mobile app marketing can be defined as the process of interacting with your potential users at each phase of the promotion funnel.  The process starts with the users getting to know about your app and finally becoming a regular user of it. It is a kind of mobile marketing through which the users get to know about an app and later on they become the regular users of it! The process includes the following:

  • determine the app
  • downloading it
  • carrying out the onboard process
  • Staying engaged

Most of the app stores have over 2 million apps so it is quite difficult to enhance your app visibility to the targeted audience. Just like SEO is used for ranking websites, similarly, there is a lot of mobile app marketing strategy to get your app discovered to the users. One of the best techniques is ASO or App Store Optimization. ASO aims to generate more traffic to your app.

Difference between ASO and Mobile marketing App:

To be honest, Mobile app marketing is a broader concept and ASO is an essential part of it. However, there are few basic differences between the two which are as follows:

Mobile app marketing is a broader concept, whereas AOS is a part of it

Mobile app marketing is a broader concept and it includes different marketing campaigns like deep linking, Facebook Ads, Apple Ads, mobile ads, and others. AOS is a part of Mobile marketing and focuses on enhancing the visibility of a mobile app and it is concerned with the functionality of the app store and the Play Store.

ASO is one of the best marketing tools, whereas different tools are used for app marketing– ASO is one of the tools used for creating more leads and traffic to a mobile app. Whereas, mobile app marketing uses different tools for gaining exposure- ASO, Press outreach, Content marketing, etc.

Both are concerned with different algorithms– ASO is concerned with the working of an algorithm. For example, ASO will be concerned with how a new IOS update will affect the index algorithm of Apple’s search, whereas, on the other hand, a mobile app marketing agency is concerned with the CPI of a FB campaign.

ASO is for play store and app store; mobile marketing includes ASO but it not limited to it-ASO is concerned with the functionality of the app store and enhancing the visibility but the Mobile marketing app is more than just ASO.