The Basics of a Social Media Audit and Services as Defined by NetbaseQuid

The need for social media auditing services continues to increase as more companies invest more in social media marketing. An excellent auditing service ensures that you get all the necessary information, including a competitor’s weaknesses and strengths. An audit usually lasts for about 30 minutes, and it is advisable to perform it at least yearly.

Why Get a Social Media Audit Service?

Due to the massive resources that go into setting up and running social marketing, it is best to perform an audit before creating a budget to know where to channel your funds into and assess their performances. A review ensures that you do not waste your resources on things that require little attention while neglecting those that need more.

Key Areas to Look Into

Comprehensive social media audit involves a thorough examination of all social media accounts, competitor analysis, integration of social media platforms with the other marketing channels, including email marketing, PR, and SEO. The outcome is a complete report of your current performance and suggestions to facilitate better future results. The first place you should assess is the social media platforms; take stock of all the channels you have, active, dormant, official, and unofficial. You can choose to delete those you do not need or keep and monitor them continuously if you feel that you may need them down the line.

After listing all the channels, you will need to choose which ones to focus on then begin uncovering your performance on these sites. It will show you where you need to improve, the most significant opportunities, and what you are doing right. Some of the metrics used to measure performance include link clicks, engagement, referral traffic, impressions, and shares. Producing captivating content that resonates with your audience uplifts your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness, so use your audit to identify the posts with the most engagement. You can further categorize the best posts into entertainment, videos, images, GIFS, and educational to get a clearer picture of the type of content that works best.

When auditing your brand, look into the consistency of your company’s recognition across various social media platforms. Make sure that every channel has a bio, URL, appealing graphics and colors, and profile photo, preferably your business logo. Your audit should also incorporate an assessment of your ROI to avoid spending your resources on activities that do not deliver desirable outcomes. Furthermore, take time to come up with new informed objectives using the gathered data.

The Cost of Auditing Your Social Media Accounts

The cost of social media auditing varies depending on the provider and the scope. The number of platforms under review, the participants, the frequency, the information’s availability, and terms of the agreement directly affect the overall costs. The entire process may cost you a significant amount of resources, but it offers valuable insights if done correctly. Some of your expenses will go into investing in a high-quality social media audit tool that uses current technologies to offer accurate insights in the shortest time possible. It is also essential to decide whether to build an in-house auditing team or hire an agency; the costs will vary based on your decision.

NetbaseQuid’s social media analytics suite focuses much on sentiments because it is pointless to have millions of people talking about your brand without knowing the subjects of their conversations. The company’s tools utilize next Generation AI to provide accurate insights into your competitor analysis, brand health, trend tracking in real-time, images, influencer activities, and audience segmentation.

Social media audit service helps businesses raise their ad, content, and targeting efficiency and achieve maximum success. Clear steps, strategies, and objectives ensure that you determine and keep tabs of your brand’s wellness.