Work-from-Home Policy – Record SMS Message and Record Voice Calls for Records Request Compliance (Top Pitfalls of Mobile Archiving)

Most people worldwide use mobile phones as a useful tool for communication. It is not only used to stay in touch with family but also for business purposes. A considerable amount of an employee’s day is spent working on a mobile device, and therefore a significant portion of work-related content can be accessed using one.

Businesses in the public and financial industries must monitor text messages and voice calls as required by the rules and regulations of several laws. Also, electronic communications among employees must be captured and retained for a certain period. These regulations may vary among industries, but the repercussions are still financial penalties and legal risks for an organization.

Archiving text messages from mobile devices is essential as business information exchanged on these devices are subject to relevant laws and regulations in the same way as email and social media. It will also promote an efficient public records request response if an agency request for an access to records.

Many organizations follow various regulations regarding the retention of business records, as failure to archive content from mobile devices increases corporate risk and makes an organization susceptible to legal violations.

This infographic from TeleMessage will inform you of the top pitfalls of Mobile Archiving.

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