WordPress, What is it?

Launched in 2003 as an open-source PHP-based content management system, WordPress has become a favorite for the internet community. The main reasons why so many prefer it over other CMS applications are:

  • Free– WordPress is an open-source application, meaning there are no costs involved in downloading. You can get full access to WordPress and its features without paying a penny.
  • Easy– WordPress has to offer over 50,000 free plugins and 5,000 free themes, as well as loads of premium options. You can easily install and activate any plugin or theme with just a few clicks. The ease of creating and operating a WordPress site is such that even the most amateur individuals can effortlessly do all the work by themselves.
  • Dynamic– With an array of themes and plugins to choose from, WordPress helps you create interactive and elegant websites and imbue a ton of features to them.
  • Flexibility– As mentioned earlier, the plugins and themes can be changed and restructured freely. WordPress gives a total free hand to you as a site builder. You can customize and change anything on your WordPress website to your preference.

Initially, being a CMS limited the use of WordPress for websites to post blogs and not your conventional websites. However, over the years, the internet community has grown to find the subtlety WordPress brings to the table while creating a wide range of websites. 

About 40% of websites of commercial and personal natures all over the internet are using WordPress as their base CMS application. Just what kind of websites do you think would use WordPress, you ask? Apart from being the most popular platform for eCommerce websites, WordPress has shown amazing compatibility with some of the below:

  • Enterprise websites
  • Online stores
  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Online forums
  • Social media networks
  • Organizational sites
  • the list goes on with a lot more to add.

That said, you may already know all of it. What you really want to know is the web hosting that may go along with your WordPress website. After all, finding the perfect web hosting is the next step to take for going live with your WordPress website.

Web Hosting for WordPress Sites

Choosing the perfect web hosting or best cpanel hosting that goes well with your website and is also easy on your pocket should be the priority for any web enthusiast. More often, people tend to go for shared hosting considering its low price and sufficient performance. However, the shared hosting has tight limits and, users have to be extra vigilant to make sure that the hosting doesn’t degrade the website’s functioning. 

It is not easy to manage a shared hosting for a website that attracts huge traffic and needs more processing power and other server resources for its heavy software applications. As a user, you will have to struggle to meet the ends every time an issue like downtime, slow page loads, etc. occurs. 

These problems are more prevalent for WordPress websites as they need fairly enough, if not too much, of the server resources. But, opting for a better hosting service that gives more processing power, memory storage, etc. is not a viable solution. Sure it may solve the issues for bettering the overall site functionality, but it will cost too much. 

Hosting providers have come up with a solution to this predicament as they offer shared hosting specifically optimized for WordPress websites- WordPress Hosting service. It is a boon for WordPress users as this hosting service provides everything needed for the proper operation of a WordPress website at a cost more aligned to a regular shared hosting service.

There are tons of hosting providers like MilesWeb, GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, HostPapa, etc. that offer a good WordPress hosting in India.

What can you Expect from WordPress Hosting?

As explained earlier, WordPress hosting service is ideally crafted for hosting websites that are designed using WordPress. It enables users to freely install and run WordPress themes and plugins with minimal problems in the overall functioning of the website. But that is not all there is to it.

Pre-installed WordPress: You will get a pre-installed and ready-to-run WordPress application. The hosting providers will install all the necessary plugins and configure the hosting settings to suit your WordPress website.  

More Secure: Unlike regular shared hosting services, WordPress hosting will have a better security mechanism. The plugins and back-end settings that are customized will add an extra layer of protection to the website. 

Expert Support: Since WordPress hosting is a value-based service, you can expect additional perks like dedicated customer support. WordPress hosting allows a user to oblige for technical support exclusive to WordPress CMS. Your hosting provider will have to assure technical assistance regarding your hosting and will also grant you access to the team of expert technicians qualified to advise over WordPress-related queries.


WordPress hosting is the most viable and obvious option for users who want to host a WordPress website. The service provides features akin to shared hosting but also adds value in the form of hosting that is optimized and configured to fully support WordPress, making it easier to manage the website.

All this makes the WordPress hosting service a perfect fit for your WordPress website.