How Salia Software Offers The Right Support

If it has now become unthinkable to create a company without developing its presence on the web or to manage a company without the appropriate digital tools, the question of data storage is increasingly posed and continues to evolve. The cloud, also known as the Cloud Computing, is appeared data storage solution in early 2000. Now comes the question of salia software.

The discovery of cloud deployment and quickly rendered obsolete storage systems “hardware” such as hard drives, USB keys, CD or DVD. We now have the ability to access thousands of data from anywhere and at any time. The Cloud also helps to overcome the problem of data loss in the event of a computer failure. The data being online can be easily recovered. Now with the Salia Software all of these are coming perfectly.

The Private Cloud

The private cloud, also called a dedicated cloud or a private server, is divided into 2 categories:


On the one hand we have the Internal Private Cloud. It is for the company to use its own infrastructure. Maintenance can therefore be done internally via the IT department, but it is also possible to go through an external service provider, particularly in the case of small businesses that will not have an IS. For companies like assekuranz the options are clear. Such Insurance Broker firm needs these supports.


On the other hand there is the External Private Cloud, which in fact looks quite similar to the Public Cloud but does not offer exactly the same services. Rather than using its infrastructure, the company goes through a supplier. Each user will connect to the cloud through a VPN. It is also possible to exploit the benefits of the CRM public cloud on an ad hoc basis through this at the SQL.

Generally fixed, the cost of the private cloud varies according to its technical capacities: its power, its amount of storage, its maintenance, and sometimes according to its number of users. Its main advantage is being able to internally control all company data and manage their organization yourself. These elements make the private cloud a solution more adapted to the specific needs of the company, it is more easily customizable and unlike the public cloud it does not imply additional cost when you carry out more data transfers within the windows with update.

If the company wants to increase storage, it will suffice to add storage Portal. To make it accessible to more users simultaneously, it is possible to envisage a modification at the level of the processor or an increase in the RAM depending on the material already in place. If the company wants faster transfers or read and write speeds, it can also consider switching to SSDs rather than keeping standard hard disks (HDD). While the cost to online purchase for identical storage will be higher (it tends to get closer and closer to HDDs over time), but speeds will be at least 30% faster and power consumption halved compared to HDD. With the right Test you can be sure of the solutions. Even Home Office is within it.


Be careful, however, hosting data internally also means ensuring the security of your infrastructure. The data that is hosted has a market value and can therefore be the target of malicious attacks. Make sure you have the skills to protect your network and mitigate attacks and their possible consequences. This is why most large companies, those with strong investment power, tend to favor the private cloud. If the private cloud is quite expensive to set up, it would ultimately not be more expensive to use. In general, companies tend to put their so-called sensitive data on Private Cloud Support so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. It offers direct control over data that the public cloud will not allow. You need the right contract for the same.

The Public Cloud

When a company uses a public cloud service download it pays a subscription and it is the provider itself who takes care of the maintenance. With this service you can have access to your data from several countries, on several mobiles and via several servers because everything is available on the Internet. At the same time, this advantage is also its limit: you cannot access or store data without an internet connection at the Data Center.


Since the host can store data anywhere in the world, you must also take into account the legislation. Laws are made nationally, but the public cloud is global. So pay attention to the protection of data that we choose to put on the public cloud. The guarantees valid for this country will not necessarily be valid in other countries.