Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking

 So you’ve launched your new website, created engaging content and ready to watch traffic rise while you ultimately convert.

Everything looks set on paper but in real life however, your Web ranking (Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai) is nothing to write home about.

To help you remedy this frustrating situation, we’ve highlighted some of the prevalent reasons your site isn’t ranking, and how you can fix your Search engine optimization to help your website have an edge over its competitors and rank high for the success of your business.

Fierce competition

A more competitive target keyword means you will need more search engine optimization work to take your site to the first page.

Websites usually don’t rank because they opt for search keywords with tough competition. However, tough competition means that your site needs to be stronger to make the first page ranking.

If your website does not rank for its target keywords, it could be as a result of the fierce competition. Some software such as Moz or Majestic will help you analyze the competition for your keyword before creating content and building links.

Thin Content

Google’s algorithm is designed to ignore websites with thin content, rewarding high-quality ones.

If your website has thin content or seems or simple, review it and enhance it until it comes out best in its category. This way, Google will reward you for high-quality content creation, and readers will get to share and link to your content.

Not Enough Links

Not having enough links is another reason why businesses aren’t ranking even with the presence of quality content and on-page optimization compared to its competitors.

If your website has more links with higher value and relevance, Google will view it as a relevant page and ultimately rank it on its first page.