Multiplicity Photography-Cloning At Its Best!

Multiplicity photography (called sequence photography in sports photography) is a significant special effect that takes several photos of an object, be that a person, vegetable or mineral, over several locations in a single frame. The different location pictures are then combined using photo editing software such as Photoshop to place each image all into one shot strategically.

The best pictures for this technique are usually obtained when a tripod-based camera is operated by remote control. Photos are taken systematically of a sequence of movements, which when all combined give some quite stunning photographs! Once the pictures are taken its time to use Photoshop to do the ‘combining’ or this

Basic Multiplicity Technique Can Be Summarized As:

Open Photoshop then imports the set of photos you have taken via the actions file => scripts => load files into stack=>browse => Select the photos that you have taken from your desktop ( no need to worry about the align images option, leave this unchecked) => ok Once the photos have uploaded they will appear in Photoshop in individual layers.

Once this happens, each picture needs selecting and a layer mask adding (click the ‘add a layer mask’ option) Select the first layer image and completely erase the person/object you have photographed, so the frame appears empty except for the background.

Next select ‘control I’ to invert the layer mask you just used.

Repeat the uploading of the images layer by layer and erasing the object as you work through each layer mask

Once all layers are used, select layer=> flatten the image to combine all the layers into one.

The net result is a single picture showing an object/person in multiple positions in the one frame.

More About Multiplicity Photography Effects

Photographic multiplicity is excellent for height shots (different height shoots) as well as for shots in a linear row. Let your imagination run wild as you create some clever shots! Of Course, multiplicity photography is just one photography special effect that you can try like this; however there are many, many more trick photo techniques that he can teach you. The techniques are simple to learn and provide inexpensive ways to create stunning special effects pictures.