How to know your CCTV camera is hacked?

We often install the security cameras in our house to make it secure. But is it secure? One of the most common complaints ever made about the security cameras is that they get easily hacked. Most of us don’t have an idea when our security cameras are getting hacked.

Installing security cameras can be really helpful, but then once it is hacked, the entire recorded footage can be streamed without your knowledge. The hackers can easily break into your security camera through wireless work wired networks and directly attack specific networks for a better idea.

Can you find if your security camera is hacked?

There are undoubtedly certain conditions under which you can determine that the security cameras are hacked. Some of the common reasons through which the security camera can be hacked include that of simple passwords and the lack of elementary features. It is necessary to keep a check on the small probable signs to prevent the security cameras from being hacked. Some of the most common signs of the security camera being hacked include the following. 

Are there strange noises coming out of your IP camera?

One of the most natural signs about the IP camera being hacked is that there will be strange noises coming out of it. Although detecting whether or not the CCTV camera is hacked or not is difficult, this is surely one of the most common signs. If your security camera is making strange noises, there is a high probability that someone is spying on you. Through the baby monitor, the hacker may try to interact with the kids and listen to your personal conversation.

Check for the security system changes

You need to keep a check on the security settings of your camera. If the default password has been changed, there is a high chance that someone broke into your system. The person hacking into your system will surely leave behind some traces of information. The hacker will surely leave the marks to show off their hacking talents.

Is the LED light blinking?

Every security camera comes with a LED light. If the light blinks at excessive speed, there is a high chance that someone broke into your system. Therefore, you may want to reboot the computer and look for changes. It is extremely necessary to disconnect the computer from the internet to prevent the hacker from getting access to personal footage. Moreover, running a strong anti-virus system can be of great help in preventing online security breaches.