Highlights On IT Development For Small Businesses 

Every company that uses computers, email, Internet, and software daily must have an information technology strategy (IT Development Strategy). Employees need to know what is required of them when using the technology provided by their employer. And the company must defend itself by applying specific strategies to manage areas such as personal Internet and email use, security, software, hardware inventory, and data retention. It is also essential that the business owner is aware of the potential loss of time and productivity in their business due to the personal use of Internet workers.

So, what kind of IT development strategy should every company have?

There are six areas to consider:

  1. Acceptable use of technology: Recommendations for computers, fax machines, telephones, the Internet, email and voice mail, and the consequences of misuse.
  2. Security: Best practices for passwords, network access levels, virus protection, privacy, and data usage.
  3. Disaster recovery: Best practices for data recovery in the event of a disaster and methods for backing up your data.
  4. Technology standards. Guidelines for determining the type of software, hardware, and systems will be purchased and used in the company, including prohibited ones (for example, software for downloading instant messages or mp3 music).
  5. Network Setup and Documentation: Guide to network setup, adding new employees to the network, employee permission levels, and software licensing.
  6. IT Services: Guidance on addressing technology needs and problems, who in the organization is responsible for technical support, maintenance, installation, and long-term technology planning.

You can be overwhelmed by creating an IT policy, especially if you don’t have a clear understanding of what it is and how to do it. But the good news is that specific strategies have already been developed before you and there are already templates using which you can follow along. There are also dedicated resources to help you in this business. The purpose of these websites is to provide actionable and cost-effective management tools for the IT and project management communities. You can buy quality tech products from shops that sell ardunio board (ขาย บอร์ด Arduino which is the term in Thai).