High security shredders for killing hot info onyour electronical devices

Nowadays most of our sensitive and private data get stored on solid state devices(SSD) made up of integrated circuits typically using flash memories, disks and hard drives. When one of these tangible medium is getting outdated and out of modern technology it’s necessary to discard the data and make this operation the smoothest ever. Personal data collection and protection is a high security matter and when dealing with that, companies have to subject to both national and international laws and regulations ensuring international safety standards. In order not to break the law and get fined or any other worseconsequence, managers and principals of big corporations but also ordinary offices need to take care of their dismissed devices.


The most handy and useful tool they have at their disposal is a shredder, not the shredder you’re thinking about, a shredder developed on purpose to destroy every kind of hardware complying with all the regulations in force.

For example, high security state departments like the Pentagon, the headquarters of the USA Department of Defence in Washington or big international organizations like NASA already make use of multidevice shredders. Along with them, the CIA, the National Security Agency, ASIO in Australia, Minister of Defence in the UK and the Japanese Ministry of Post & Telecommunication are regular users of the KOBRA HS High Security range.


Towards new shredding standards

Within 2005 and 2010 The National Security Agency of the US Government set the global strictest standards for shredding of classified documents. A new KOBRA HS-6 line is then developed. The new line is approved by the NSA and included into the NSA-EPL list of approved shredders. In 2005 the machine’s been patented with the exclusive “Energy Smart System” controlling the electrical consumption in stand-by mode and automatically turning the machine in power save mode in case of no use.

New KOBRA models are equipped with an “Automatic Oiling System” and “Throw and Shred System” together with a double set of cutting knives which become standard in selected KOBRA models.

A Touch Screen technology is developed to control the shredder’s functions and together with LED display to monitor the status of the machine during operations.

The Automatic Oiling System is integrated into the machines and a “Metal Detection System” is an option for High Security machines.

Safe and fast shredding are allowed through new conveyour belt machines or shredders equipped with automatic feeding systems.


Shred as much as you can, challenge your Kobra

Think of any possible support widely used for sensitive data storage. Have you ever wondered where all these hot pieces of information end up when the relative devices get trashed? If not properly discarded, they can lie there for decades and come up when less needed. But here we go the solution: paper, cardboard, carton boxes, Floppy disks, Blu-Ray, CDs, DVDs, PCs, Smartphones and even aluminium cans and plastic bottles can easily get pulverized by Kobra machinery.

The SSD is a SOLID STATE DRIVE DISINTEGRATOR equipped with an exclusive two stage of distruction system (HS Model) capable of destroying into powder solid state drives, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads, USB memory devices, pen drives, tablets, circuit boards, credit cards and ID cards with embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, CDs/DVDs, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory.

Kobra SSD has been approved by NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specifications for Solid State Devices distruction: shredded material is reduced to sand-like texture particles (HS Model).

These machines can guarantee that each and every part is made with painstaking attention to detail using the most reliable and durable materials – just take a look at the knives, blades, chain and steel gears.

You can have incomparable durability all in one highly innovative technological system.