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The main currency of the game is the “GPs”. These points are earned when playing career mode and multiplayer mode, when making quality plays like hitting passes, assists, scoring goals and etc.

Commands with the Ball

One of the most complex parts of Football Mania is its controls. The game uses the combination of the arrow keys on the keyboard with the keys Q, W, E, A, S and D. For those who are going to play on the keyboard the combination usually confuses a little, because the commands change if you have the ball, or without the ball.

If you prefer, copy the commands in a visible place, as it is impossible to stop the game while you are playing online with other players.

Setting up USB / PS2 control

Football Mania allows you to easily configure a USB controller or even a PlayStation 2 and 3 controller using a USB adapter. Just plug in the control and go to Config >> Controls. In the case of USB controls, the game will automatically configure the control.

Using a joystick control, Football Mania is much easier to play. However, it is important to play that the commands will not respond faster. Some small delays that the game presents are part of its gameplay. Make use of the lol smurf accounts and win the games in the most easiest manners.

Football Mania is a football game with arcade gameplay, where up to four players can form a team and participate in competitions. However, it is not enough to assemble any team, as rapport will be essential. Check out tips to play well and be one of the best players in the game:

Have more than one character

In Football Mania, you can have up to two characters evolving and sharing virtual money at no cost. To open more slots, you need to pay 9000 GP (the game’s main currency). Although it seems cheap, the tip is to focus your evolution initially on just two players.

It is useful to build more balanced teams during the match. An example: if in a “waiting room”, you have two attackers and you are midfield, the next player who enters is possibly another attacker who will disrupt the team, damaging your line of defense. Have at least one “defender” character, or ask other players to switch to this position.

If you are having difficulty with the keyboard, try using a USB control

One of the highlights of the Football Mania game is its wide compatibility with USB joysticks and controls. The game accepts joystick from PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 with USB adapter and even low quality controls.

Buy Skills

In Football Mania, your character doesn’t start playing, he evolves as you buy new skills for him. They work as “power-ups” that guarantee many advantages during matches.

Stronger kicks, more efficient steals, and even powerful power-ups, like running much faster, are available in the game. So, before buying any items for your character, train your skills in training mode a little.