All you need to know about remote communication

Employees have started getting used to the remote working style despite many fears associated with the extension of the lockdown. Be it any situation, the growth of the company has to be ensured at any cost. Be it the team working remotely or working at their respective office cabins, team cooperation and support is needed at all stages of work. Apart from all that, a good communication network is all that is needed especially in times of online work. Nowadays, Zoom calls and Skype are gaining high relevance to form the communication network but effective communication is something different. Remote communication forms the hard core of the team. In the recent lockdown, social interactions have been extremely reduced. When it comes to handling a team, effective communication is all that is needed to keep the workforce work with the same efficiency as they used to do before the remote style of working. It is simple yet takes effort to maintain.

What it takes to form a good remote communication network

Lack of communication will prevent the employees get confused with the tasks assigned and ultimately ending up in delays and burnouts. A good communication network will help to keep the members informed about the latest updates and help each other to solve work-related problems. It is not that difficult but it is the awareness of the various tools that could rope in the team members. If you can communicate with the team effectively, it will build you and can even become one of your biggest strengths. Initiating a conversation and expecting the employees to put in their efforts is not that easy but it can come useful in solving major problems

Tips to improve communication

  1. Clearly define the rules to express how the team will remain connected and whom to approach in times of trouble
  2. Spread awareness about remote communication tools like Slack and Trello which helps the employees to check the assigned tasks and also interact with each other.
  3. Video conferencing is a proven method to keep your employees on track and it helps in building a good team
  4. Maintain a good tone while interacting with your employees that helps them to interact while staying in their comfort zones
  5. Checking the productivity levels: Computer monitoring software can be really useful to maintain a positive relationship with the team by providing them a sense of awareness about the responsibilities they have to perform and meet the expectations from the company. Work examiner is one of the Software Defined Perimeter used by the majority of employers to track the productivity levels of their employees and helps them to manage their tasks remotely.