Adding Visual effects to your Tik Tok Videos: Here is everything you need to know. 

Tik Tok provides you with an opportunity to create excellent videos and get tiktok followers. It incorporates audio and video creation, creating engaging videos that everyone will work. Being one of the most popular videos apps, it comes with customizable features. Visual effects are one of the customizable features. In this article, I will provide you with an effective way of incorporating visual effects on your Tik Tok accounts. 

What are tip top customizable effects features?

One of the customizable Tik Tok feature is the Beauty effect. When using it, it will smooth out lines in your face. You will look beautiful in it. Tik Tok Beauty effects features include 9 Camera, triple screen, long face, black pupils, contact lenses, and more. Even though the latter are basic effects, they make you look prettier. A person using the effects and one that does no will have different engagement levels from users. 

What are the Ways of adding Visual effects to your Tik Tok Videos?

You will have two ways of adding visual effects to your Tik Tok Videos. You can add the visual effects before you record the videos. You can also add them after you record the videos.  Depending on the one you will choose, it is important to note the results will be different.  The good news of adding visual effects before you record is that you will be able to see the effects in real time during the filming process. You will start the procedure by opening the Tik Tok application. Tap the + Icon followed by the effect icon. You will see a wide array of available effects on the application. Choose the best one. 

The second way of adding the Tik Tok effects will be after doing the recording the videos. You will open the Tik Tok application. Click the + Icon on the application. Doing the latter will enable you to open the camera. You will record your videos as usual. You will navigate to the preview window, which will open up automatically. Proceed to click the special Icon button.  You will have many effects to choose from. Select the one that will appeal to you. 

You can use Tik Tok for video editing. However, if you really want to engange your audience and come up with more creative videos, it will be important to use video editing tools. You can use them when you have recorded the video.  Many advantages arise from using video editing tools. The first one you can cut, trim, and rotate the video. You can also use the video editing tools on diverse devices. You will not be restricted to using you phone. You can also use your PC.

In conclusion, Tik Tok is becoming as competitive, just as with other social media sites. You need to provide your viewers with excellent content. You do not just create your videos and post them. You need to add the much needed effects.  Doing the latter will enable you get tiktok likes

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