5 Reasons Why SiteLock is Necessary for Your Website

Ever since digitisation has made inroads into our lives, and social media platforms have become a place that most of us spend a lot of time on, the number of businesses launching their websites has increased too. It has also led to a corresponding increase in the number of cyber-attacks and online threats. Hence, site owners are doing everything in their control to keep these attacks at bay. There are many ways to ensure protection for your website. 

Today, we are going to talk about SiteLock Website Security and share five reasons why you should consider using it for your website.

SiteLock is a powerful tool to protect your website. It offers comprehensive security and has a range of features and benefits that help you keep viruses, malware, and other malicious elements away.

5 Reasons why SiteLock is necessary for your website

Here are five reasons why SiteLock is necessary for your website:

1. 360o protection

Prevention is better than cure. SiteLock takes this belief and offers 360-degree protection by running a scan on your entire website to check for malware. Despite the security measures, there can be times when a virus or malware gets in and causes havoc by gaining unauthorised access to your site and stealing data. This scan ensures that any such malware is detected early and corrective action is action to avoid any damage to your site.

2. Firewall

A firewall is your site’s first line of defence against an online attack. It blocks any traffic that looks potentially dangerous and alerts you of all possible threats. Further, it also helps in identifying the source of an attack to handle it efficiently.

3. Regular scanning of applications

SiteLock regularly scans all the applications used by your site. The scans allow it to identify any security loopholes before a hacker takes advantage of it to gain access to your site. All security experts ask site owners to update the applications regularly. But how would a site owner know that the updates are safe? While publishers check for any security issues before releasing the updates, SiteLock widens the security net by verifying the updates against an application catalogue.

4. Protects the database

SiteLock protects your website’s database against SQL injections that can give a hacker easy access to your site and client database. SiteLock scans your website just like a hacker and patches any loopholes it finds before they are exploited.

5. Builds Trust

Online users are very protective of their personal information. They tend to abandon any website that shows even a small sign of a security issue. SSL Certificate has now become a mandatory requirement for websites since Google Chrome has started displaying a ‘not secure’ tag for sites without an SSL certificate. Google has done this since it understood that users needed to feel secure.

SiteLock scans your website every day and displays a security trust seal on your site. It assures visitors that your site is protected and helps to build trust with your existing and potential clients.

Summing Up

SiteLock ranks at the top among all security tools. It is important to remember that any site can get hacked at any time. While some people believed that only large sites or those doing financial transactions are prone to attacks, that is not the case anymore. Hence, it is vital to ensure that you do everything you can to keep your site secure. Good Luck!