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when does dairy queen close

What time does Dairy Queen open&close?

We will give you a guide to find both store specific and general store hours of the Illinois based fast-food-favorite. For the majority of locations during the weekdays, Dairy Queen Hours of operation (as seen in table below) are 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Monday through Thursday.

Why is Dairy Queen closed on holidays this year?

DQ may want their employees and Fans to spend certain holidays away from work and with family or friends. This is likely why Dairy Queen is closed on Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, New Years Day, and Independence Day (4th of July) at most locations.

Where is Dairy Queen located?

The first chain of Dairy Queen was opened in Joliet, Illinois on 22 June 1940 and its headquarter is in Bloomington, Minnesota, the U.S.

Does Dairy Queen sell cold items?

Cold item availability may vary by location, but should be available at your local DQ during the spring and summer seasons at least. So whether you need a DQ Cake to bring to a birthday party or just want to have a seat and have your delicious meal served to you, Dairy Queen is happy to let you experience “Fan Food, Not Fast Food”.

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