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October 13th 2015

At school it was time for reading and  Mr. Caesar was in charge so he added some some fun to it. He told us to sit on our desks. Whoever read first had to sit down.  The game took a long time eventually  Jordan won. I was really happy but he said if you want you will get a prize. However Jordan never received his prize.

September 24th 2015

Last week I went to the beach and  I dug a hole in the sand my cousin.  We dug in the sand and we found actual water in the sand. I showed my Mom and Grandma. Then a three-year-old boy named Owen dug up some send some more water for us. We thanked him  and all 3 of us had to go home.


 I had an amazing dream that everything was made of candy. The trees were made of lollipops. The ground was made of marshmallows. Buildings were made out of dark chocolate and caramel. Houses were made out of gingerbread and frosting. The books were made out of really big mess. The grass will be made out of green and white candy canes flowers will be made of Twizzlers. Bunnies but not other animals will be made out of chocolate also make sure not to eat them on Easter clothes will be made out of cloth but the designs will be made out of dots and gummy worms. This is how Candy Lane would be.

September 3rd 2015

On the day of the end of the year celebration before we got ready we ate and watched a movie. When we were about to get dressed my mom came and did my hair. What I was done everyone was getting dressed so I had to wait for all of the second grade boys to get dressed because my suitcase was in the room the boys are getting dressed in.
For my sister’s birthday

For my sister’s birthday

For my sister’s birthday we went to Sky Zone before we went there we had to get my cousin Bianca and Ayana. Then we had to get my other cousin Lavelle. When we got to Sky Zone my parents had to fill in a waiver for all of us. They gave us our  Sky Zone socks and then we could go play when we got in it was really bouncy.  I did a flip I did a jump that I learned in dance class it was fun.