Main types of SEO positioning

Content SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO… the world of web positioning is complex. It covers many areas and has some specificities that need to be known before embarking on an SEO project or hiring the professional services of an SEO agency or subject matter professional.

For this reason, we have created this article on the main types of SEO so that you can develop without problems in one of the most complex areas of digital marketing.

Types of SEO according to implementation

This is the most used SEO classification among professionals in the sector since it divides SEO into its three main areas: content SEO, on-page or technical SEO, and on-page or link building SEO.

Content SEO

It is the optimization of content in different formats (texts or images) to adapt them to the requirements of users and search engines. In other words, they are all actions that imply changes and adaptations in the content: create optimized texts using the necessary keywords, image optimization, create striking metatag for users and search engines, have a good hierarchy of heading. SEO of Content is highly valued just like the Google first page (หน้า แรก google which is the term in Thai) since it is the one that will determine our growth in web traffic.

SEO on page

On-page SEO also called technical SEO, are all those actions that we need to implement on our website, to keep it up to Google’s requirements: optimize load times, check that the HTML, CSS and javascript code of the web does not have errors, have a good web structure, detect 404 errors, avoid having pages where it is necessary to make more than three clicks to access them … the list is not short, but if we want to position our website, we must pamper our site and detect programming level failures. To implement these actions, technical knowledge is needed at the web programming level.

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